Since 2003, Charles A. Liles & Associates has guided its clients in creating and implementing investment and wealth management plans. The firm is a private, independent and fee-only registered investment advisor serving individuals and families with investment assets under advisement beginning at $1 million. A disciplined and collaborative process is followed to craft an investment plan during which aspects of insurance, savings and credit, estate planning, family giving and transfers, charitable giving and philanthropy, retirement planning, and taxes are also reviewed and issues identified for further attention.Taking a thoughtful and deliberate process ensures the basis for a complete and enduring wealth management relationship.

Investment Philosophy

Charles A. Liles & Associates is committed to delivering to its clients exceptional investment experiences focused on the following core beliefs and principles:

  • Global securities markets are efficient in processing available information and in setting prices.
  • Asset allocation decisions drive overall long-term investment performance.
  • Global diversification among and within asset classes is key to successful asset management.
  • Market timing is destructive.
  • Following the discipline of a well-designed and articulated investment plan which reflects a client’s unique needs and risk tolerance is crucial to success.
  • Costs matter. Reducing investment expenses and turnover, and minimizing taxes leads to better investment outcomes.

Thank you for your interest. Please explore our website and contact us if you find the firm’s process and philosophy an appealing approach to providing clarity and focus to your financial life. The firm is committed to earning your trust and confidence.